Ebrahim K. Kanoo Conducts Firefighting Training with Civil Defense School

Bahrain, March 2014 – Ebrahim K. Kanoo has successfully completed a fire-fighting training in coordination with the Civil Defense School. This training aimed at enabling the employees to have better and practical understanding of the danger of fire and the best ways to eliminate it and put it down in case it happened.

The training program covered all the basic fire-fighting and evacuation techniques, besides providing the participants with practical training on various kind of fire extinguishing techniques and the different ways to use the extinguishers, with evacuation procedures.

The training was conducted at the Civil Defense School at the Ministry of Interior. A group of safety and security personnel and members of the safety committee from various departments at Ebrahim K. Kanoo took part in the training program.

Ebrahim K. Kanoo expressed its appreciation to the Civil Defense Directorate for their efforts in making the training program successful.


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